Collateral is deposited and withdrawn as SPL-USDC. All perpetual markets are quoted against USDC and are linear perpetual swaps. Perpetuals on Drift Protocol are cross-margined against each other, meaning that the profits and losses from a single position can be used to cover PnL of multiple other positions in the same user account.

Currently, to ensure sufficient compute for on-chain liquidations, the maximum number of positions a user can have in a cross margined account is five (5). (Note that this max includes both currently held positions and markets that have pending orders).

Initial/partial/maintenace margin requirements: see Liquidations and Contract Specs

account health: 0 - 100%. (at ~0% subject to full liquidaiton)

account health formula
account health formula

Trading with leverage puts you at risk for liquidations. Holding a position through enough funding payment intervals (which require payment) also puts you at risk.

(see Liquidations for more information)


Updated 24 Apr 2022
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