Contributing to Drift Protocol

Interested in contributing to the Drift Protocol? There are multiple ways to make valuable contributions, from documentation to code and more. Below are some of the primary avenues you can explore:

Table of Contents


Raise issues or submit Pull Requests at the Drift Documentation Repository (opens in a new tab).

Bot Code

Keeper Bots

Trading Bots

TypeScript SDK

Add new features or improve code quality and maintainability at the TypeScript SDK Repository (opens in a new tab).

Expanding SDK Language Support

Use TypeScript SDK as a reference to add more language support for broader access.

Rust SDK

Python SDK

Composing Programs on Top of Drift

Main Program Contributions

  • Expanding the test suite (both TypeScript and Cargo tests) at the Main Program Repository (opens in a new tab).
  • Security: There is an Immunefi bug bounty program for identifying and sharing proof of concepts of smart contract bugs that could lead to a loss of funds.

Feel free to pick a project or issue that interests you and start contributing!