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Drift Protocol is a decentralised exchange, open-sourced and built on the Solana blockchain (opens in a new tab).


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Focus on the strategy, and let Drift take care of your position:

Drift was designed with a goal to be capital efficient but also protective of your assets.

We achieved that by setting up sophisticated cross-margined risk engine - a system of tools with an extensive protection from over-extending risk. For instance:

  • In the lend/borrow markets, you can also use collateral for perpetual futures and trade more efficiently with spot assets.
  • Every token you deposit can earn you more through borrowing and also act as a collateral for perpetual swaps.
  • Borrowers can only borrow if they have more collateral than needed, following multiple safety measures for extra protection.

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Drift Protocol is open-source (opens in a new tab) and contributions are welcome. Our support is available at all times on Discord (opens in a new tab).

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🛡 Contracts are audited by Trail of Bits, read report (opens in a new tab).