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Delegated Accounts

Delegated Accounts

What is a Delegated Account?

This feature allows users to grant another Solana account limited access to their account on Drift. Users using Drift's account delegation feature may wish to delegate trading execution to a professional trading team. Each subaccount on Drift has its own delegate parameter.

What can a Delegated Account do?

Delegated authorities on Drift can ONLY:

  • deposit funds;

  • place orders; and

  • cancel orders.

Users can only delegate access to one account or authority. It's important to note that full control over the account remains with the owner.

A delegated party can NOT:

  • borrow/withdraw funds;

  • close the account; and/or

  • change or remove existing account delegation parameters.

  • change any settings

Delegated authorities can only deposit funds, place orders and cancel orders and are therefore limited in their abilities. All other actions must be taken by the account owner.

How do I delegate access to my account?

To delegate access to another Solana account using Drift's UI, go to the Overview tab and click on Manage Subaccounts. In this section, you'll find the option to set up a delegate account, as shown in the image below.

Afterwards, you will need to enter the Solana address or account to which you want to delegate access, and then select "confirm."