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Withdraw and Close Account

Withdraw and Close Account

Withdraw collateral

To withdraw collateral, ensure you meet the following requirements:

  • No open positions.
  • No open borrows (check your 'Balances' page - opens in a new tab).
  • No unsettled PnL (settle any PnL before proceeding).

You can partially withdraw collateral if you have enough initial free collateral. To check your collateral, refer to your Account Health Breakdown.


Do not delete your account or subaccounts if you're staking at Insurance Vaults. This may cause difficulty unstaking.


Deleting an account permanently removes all associated history. This includes points and there's no way to retrieve them.


Referred accounts cannot be deleted.

Dynamic rent reclaiming

Every account incurs a base account rent of ~0.035 SOL. During periods of high sign-ups (sybil activity), Drift's program adds an excess fee on top of this base rent. For example, a user might pay 0.035 SOL (base rent) + 0.1901 SOL (excess fee) = 0.2251 SOL to create an account.

Recovering Funds

Excess Fee

Users can reclaim the excess fee after a 7-day waiting period. Click your wallet address in the top right corner, then "Manage." Look for the "reclaimable rent" section and click "Claim" to retrieve any excess fees paid during account creation.

Base Rent

To reclaim the base rent (0.035 SOL in the example above), you'll need to delete your Drift account. This will also permanently delete your account history.

Steps for Deleting Your Account (and Recovering Base Rent):

  • Click your wallet address in the top right corner.
  • Click "Manage."
  • Locate the red trash/bin icon.

Alternatively: Go to Overview > Manage Subaccounts.

Important: Ensure you have no open borrows, unsettled PnL, open positions, or any remaining balances before deleting your account. Withdraw any balances from Drift before proceeding.

Clicking the trash/bin icon will permanently delete your account history and instantly redeem your base account rent. No further steps are required.