🍀 Drift Draw


Important Note: This product is still in beta. This means that the product is still undergoing testing and tinkering before being formally launched. The product has been made available to you for further improvement and feedback and may not be available in certain regions. Please check you comply with Platform terms as well before proceeding.

The following parameters set out below apply to any participant in the Drift Draw, the draw may have additional rules or parameters which may be posted or otherwise provided to you along with further details (together, “Parameters”). Drift will not be responsible for any typographical or other error in the publication of the details, code or assisted administration of this draw or the announcement thereof.

Please read all Parameters and platform Terms of Use carefully before choosing to participate. [1] All users are required to comply with platform Terms of Use. Violation or misuse of any terms or parameters may result in disqualification from the draw.

No purchase is necessary to enter, a user will receive 1 free ticket once they choose to opt in and can also claim additional free entries, please read the Github to understand additional entry requirements. A user can only claim up to a maximum of 100m tickets.

Administration of the draw is programmatic, please read the Drift Draw Overview and Github to understand how it works.

Winners will be programmatically selected from eligible participants every Monday at 2pm UTC and notified via a pop-up notification on their Drift account. Existing winners will not be precluded as an eligible participant for further selection. Winners who require assistance from Drift will be required to fill out certain KYC forms and/or provide further identifying details for assistance.[2]

All prizes suggested in the Drift Draw Overview together with any promotional material, are not guaranteed. Prizes are tied to the protocol's insurance fund, which may go to zero at any time, please read more about the Insurance Fund to understand how it works. Prizes will be distributed automatically to the winning account as a stake in the Insurance Fund until the winner chooses to unstake from the Insurance Fund. Furthermore, prizes cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash immediately or substituted by the winner on the Platform.

Drift hereby reserves the right to amend, disqualify suspend, or terminate this draw or any Drift account with or without prior notice or consent for prohibited behaviour. To the extent possible Drift reserves the right to exercise absolute discretion in determining what constitutes prohibited behaviour. If you provide any false information relating to the draw concerning your identity, residency, mailing address, telephone number, email address, ownership of right, or information required for entering the draw, you may also be immediately disqualified.

[1] You agree to indemnify, release and hold harmless Drift and its affiliates from and against any claim arising out of any participation in this draw. You agree that neither Drift or its affiliates are liability for any losses, claims or damages of any kind arising from your participation in this draw including receipt, acceptance, possession, misuse, or use of the benefits or rewards for this draw.

[2] All risks, taxes or costs associated with obtaining the prize are the winner’s sole responsibility.