✨ Drift Points Program

Drift Points Program

There are two ways to earn Drift points:

  1. Drift Trader Points (opens in a new tab)
  2. Market Maker Participation (opens in a new tab)


Last week I made X volume, why did I get only X points?

Points may display as zero or lower than expected if:

  • you didn't trade within the specified weekly window / before the snapshot was taken*,
  • if you didn't engage in activities eligible for rewards (such as providing liquidity on the order book, Backstop AMM Liquidity (BAL), perps + spot trading volume), or
  • if your volume was significantly lower than that of other participating parties in this point system.

*Trading activity after the snapshot will be rewarded in the following week.


Volume is not the only variable in points distribution function. The points breakdown will be disclosed once the program wraps up to avoid gamification and ensure fairness.

What activities are being rewarded?

Points are rewarded for:

We recommend trading organically.


Engaging in activities like wash trading or self-referring is strictly prohibited, potentially leading to disqualification from earning points for a week or the entire program duration.

What does 'Providing liquidity on the orderbook' means?

You have two options for providing liquidity:

  1. Run a Just-in-Time (JIT) trading bot. Find a tutorial here, and don't hesitate to ask questions in the #⚡️ | jit-market-making channel on our Discord server.
  2. Through the user interface (UI) by placing resting (post only) limit orders or oracle limit orders. For more details on different order types, check out our All Order Types guide.

Does lending/borrowing/staking to Insurance fund/staking to super stake sol reward points?

These activities will be rewarded to our loyal users as OG points, for their participation before the start of the points program (Jan 22nd). We've taken the snapshot of the previous activity. OG points will be distributed after the trader points program ends.

The following activities are not included in the Trader Points, but will be rewarded in the future via OG Points:

  • Insurance Fund Staking
  • Deposits
  • Borrow / Lend
  • super stake sol

Does swapping get rewarded with points?

No, swaps on Drift are routed through the Jupiter Swap; therefore, they are not rewarded.

Why did I get fewer points this week compared to last week, even though the volume is the same?

The weekly points allocation is set at 2 million. As more users compete for a portion of these points, the distribution of rewards becomes tighter, resulting in fewer points per user.